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Cafe Con Leche Distinguish Participants

Oscar del Toro called into Cafe Con Leche on Thursday 18, 2018 from Pasadena, Texas. We discussed the importance of the Latino vote to elect Beto as a Senator. 
Dr. Talia Baños Alarcon called into Cafe Con Leche from Mexico City on Friday, October 19, 2018. She gave advise to entrepreneurial women to reach success.
Luis Aguilar called into Cafe Con Leche on Monday, October 22, from Moscow. He was born in Mexico City, went to study music in London, lived in China for 10 years and finally moved to Moscow. he has been living there for 3 years now. He is a Musician Teacher and he likes to compose music too. 
Dr. Jordan Goines, Special Programs Director and Jane D’Anna, Lancaster Alternative, and Virtual Academies (LAVA) Director of the Lancaster School District were on Cafe Con Leche on Mon. October 22. 2018 to inform us how the LAVA program works and who can attend to it. 
Claudia Estrada Powel, Public Affairs Specialist of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, called into Cafe Con Leche on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. She indicated that October is the Month of the 
Conscientization of Cancer of Mama. She invited all to attend the clinic for consultation.  

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