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Dr. Jean-Paul Ampuero called into Cafe Con Leche from France.

Dr. Jean-Paul Ampuero called into Cafe Con Leche, on Wednesday. March 27, 2019, from  Biot, a French city located southeast of France. 
Dr.  Ampuero was born in Peru and got his Doctor Degree in France. He has worked at Princeton University and in Japan and Switzerland. Jean-Paul Ampuero speaks four languages, Spanish, English, French, and Deutsch. 

Dr. Ampuero currently works as a Senior Research Scientist at Institut de Recherche pour le développement (IRD).  He is a former ‎Professor of Seismology at California Institute of Technology (Caltech).
 Jean-Paul told us how to be prepared for the big earthquake here in California. The Antelope Valley will be affected because of its proximity to the San Andres Fault, He recommended we prepare for the earthquake as if we were going camping for three days. Please visit

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