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    Rene Colato Lainez, a recognized children’s book writer, and Teacher in the «Fernangeles Elementary School» of the Los Angeles Unified School District...

    Actualidadlocutor8 febrero, 2019
  • How to create wealth

    Michael Dutton and Thomas ‘TJ»

    Actualidadlocutor8 febrero, 2019
  • Hypertension

    M. D. Margarita Kullick called into Cafe Con Leche on Tuesday, Dec. 11. 2018 from Washington, DC. We had a conversation regarding...

    Actualidadlocutor8 febrero, 2019
  • Citlali Ortiz a young DREAMER called into Cafe Con Leche on Friday, February  1, 2019, from Long Beach, California. She was...

    Actualidadlocutor5 febrero, 2019
  • El Huachicol en Mexico

    La Dra Talía Baños Alarcón nos llamó desde la Cd de Mexico, el viernes 25 de Enero del 2019, para comentarnos...

    Actualidadlocutor26 enero, 2019