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  • Self-Esteem

    Dr. Talia Banos called Cafe Con Leche on Friday, January 11, 2019, from Mexico City. We talked about self-esteem, that is...

    Actualidadlocutor13 enero, 2019
  • The Immigrants and their children.

    Nannette Barrie, a recognized Real State Agent who is helping people to invest in Real State was on Cafe Con Leche...

    Actualidadlocutor13 enero, 2019
  • Cuidado con el Aspartame

    Dr. Mariana Solorzano called into Cafe Con Leche on Wednesday, January 10, 2019, from Guadalajara, Mexico where she is taking some...

    Actualidadlocutor11 enero, 2019
  • “La Busqueda de un Sueño” (The Search of a Dream).

    Reyna Grande, an award-winning author called into Cafe Con Leche on Wednesday, January 9, 2010, to comment about her new book titled “La...

    Actualidadlocutor11 enero, 2019
  • “Immigration Reform TNTweeters”

    Gloryss PZ and  Nelsy Umanzor members of the group “Immigration Reform TNTweeters”  called into Cafe Con Leche. Gloryss called from Illinois, she is from...

    Actualidadlocutor11 enero, 2019
  • Planned Parenthood

    Claudia Estrada Powell, Public Affairs Specialist, from Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles County called into Cafe Con Leche Radio on...

    Actualidadlocutor9 enero, 2019